Woodbridge Soccer Club's Annual General Meeting was held today at Woodbridge Oval for the purpose of wrapping up the season's administrative details and electing a new committee to steer the club through the 2011 season.

So first off, a BIG  thank you to the outgoing committee, who have worked hard all year to facilitate soccer in the Channel region, and a big welcome to the incoming committee. There is a promising mix of parents of junior and youth players plus a healthy smattering of senior players making up the new committee, so while we are winding up season 2010, next year -  our 10th birthday - promises to be a good one.

The Woodbridge Soccer Club committee for 2011 is:

Office Bearers

President: John Owen (62674761)

Vice President: Audrey Muirison

Treasurer: John Gorrie

Secretary: Alio Stringer


Dalles Hayes

Jafar Clarke

Amanda Crisp

Roslyn Webb

Kerry Hendricks

Tammy Harvest