to coin a phrase: "Come Play"

As Woodbridge Soccer Club turns 10 years old in 2011, I can look back and see that one or more of my own children have been playing for the club since it’s inception as Woodbridge Whalers SC, way back in 2001. Once upon a time, as a parent of junior players, I was hesitant to help; not because I am inherently lazy (although there is that :)), but because I didn’t know what was involved – didn’t think I had the necessary skills and I didn’t really know enough about the game; of course all that changed – starting back in 2004.

…I became involved quite by accident.

In 2004 as a volunteer at our local Online Access Centre I was assisting the then President, Bronwyn Markellos, with some secretarial detail or another. Next thing I know I’m Club Secretary, then the Secretary/Newsletter Producer, then Newsletter Producer/Web Assistant then Web Master/Social media director (well at least that’s what I’m calling myself). Throw into the mix: accidental registrations officer, youth liason, ‘taxi’ driver, raucous supporter, match reporter and graphic designer and you have an idea of my experience with various incarnations of the WSC management committee and club in general

Overall it has been educational and fun; I have learned a lot, gained experience in various areas, met new people and generally had a good time (I’ve made mistakes along the way too, but that’s all part of the learning process).

Why am I telling you all this?

Well it’s simple – I want you to get involved. Come along to the AGM (11am Sat 11th September) and put your hand up to help. If you are a junior parent who can’t see the point in facilitating senior football, put your hand up to be liason to Central Region Junior Soccer Association, or a junior coach, manager, match reporter or the junior registration officer or some-such.

Likewise if you are a senior player, but aren’t that interested in junior soccer, offer to help with the mountainous amounts of administration that Football Federation of Tasmania requires for youth and senior teams.

If you feel you know too little about the sport, but you know how to throw a party, how about forming a sub-committee to organise the Club’s 10th birthday bash? Know how to liaise with businesses? How about co-ordinating some sponsorships and other fundraising? Love photography? Is writing your passion? Draw awesome pictures? Have a knack for numbers? Have Internet skills? Love public speaking? Are great at organising and co-ordinating people? Enjoy problem solving?

Whatever you like doing, whatever you are interested in learning,  I’m sure there is something you can do to help our club, our kids, our youth, our community and yourself in 2011.

Come along to the AGM on Saturday the 11th September, put your hand up, get involved – you will be surprised at how much fun it can be…