Coaches code of conduct

*Excerpt from Central Region Junior Soccer Association Policy Document 2008

  1. Be reasonable with your demands of players time, energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Ensure your players understand the rules of the game.
  3. Remember players’ play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it.
  4. Never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or losing.
  5. Group players according age, size and skill wherever possible.
  6. Develop team respect for the ability of opponents and officials.
  7. Schedule practice times to reflect the age and ability of players.
  8. Remember players need a coach they can respect, do this by setting a good     example.  
  9. Always prepare for practice, ensuring equipment and training area meets safety standards.
  10. Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured player is  ready to play again.


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